New, digital methods and Instruments offer a multitude of opportunities for innovations. Machine Learning is for example no longer only a vague precursor of the distant future, today it can already be integrated in applications. It facilitates the work of engineers and creates new, challenging fields of application which will create more effective solutions for the client.

Step into the digital age with us:

Multisensor system for efficient condition monitoring of tunnels

To make data collection even better, we are developing a compact multisensor system which will provide precise and objective measurement data of tunnel constructions. The system will collect data on geometry, surface structure and water inlet in tunnels in a single measuring procedure and will provide the measurement data in digital format, compliant with BIM. The German AKG company group, Amberg Technologies AG from Switzerland and Elaborarium SL from Spain are working with Fraunhofer IPM as research partner in a joint project for the integrated inspections process for which a novel multisensor system will be developed

The future of tunnel inspection

The latest version of our Software Amberg Inspections puts its focus on reducing inspection costs and optimizing the sustainability of your infrastructure. It offers a new, efficient workflow beginning with data preparation with high-resolution images scans. The data processing can be easily done on the cloud-based platform which allows you to perform inspection tasks based on a pre-defined catalogue. In the end, the software can do a dynamic reporting with graphics or side by side overlay. Machine learning will be part of the solution as well, helping to predict features which will arise in the future, helping you to plan infrastructure maintenance as efficient as possible.

Digital Twin: A virtual refurbishment

The digital working method BIM enables the creation of a valid and precise 3D model that functions as a digital and automated twin of an existing infrastructure. It enables you to make planning processes simpler and therefore more economical. Furthermore, a digital version of the building is always available. Thanks to georeferencing in the ArcGis program, you have a detailed overview map of all buildings at your disposal. The status of each individual infrastructure can thus be determined quickly, clearly, location-independently and centrally. Information on geology, weather, timetable, traffic and air quality can also be integrated into the database.

Innovative carrier like drones

Our goal is to develop and deploy new carrier platform to make inspections and other maintenance tasks in hard-to-reach places easier. We imagine drones or robots monitoring deep shafts with the highest possible precision. Our R&D department works like a think tank, combining different types of sensors with hardware and software solutions to ensure that the new carriers are as lightweight, cost effective and fast as possible.

Cloud solutions

The Amberg Cloud Platform can link to an existing geographical information system (GIS), as well as to numerous third-party systems. Existing geodata can be refined or maintained. It is also easy to exchange data between different systems. The cloud enables you to make your data available everywhere, every time, from all types of devices and for all users.

The Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT)

SCAUT is an international leader in the use of the underground. With its state-of-the-art engineering, innovative concepts and advanced ITC, it contributes significantly to the creation of underground spaces of the future and to the relief of metropolitan areas and conurbations.