Traffic movements, people and material flows are continually increase rapidly in urban areas. New solutions and revolutionary transport modes are available and under development. Learn more about our innovative solutions and implementation concepts.

Construction site logistics

Amberg develops and implements solutions for logistics in urban areas and for smart cities. We optimize transportation and processes, complex construction sites and manage the logistics of infrastructure construction and mobility projects. We maximise operational efficiency, reduce disruptions and enable new business models.

Lean Management

Are you thinking of new projects or business models? Do logistics processes play a part in your planning? Just-in-time delivery of materials to construction sites or new mobility services as well as innovative transportation vehicles. Meet the challenges in city logistics in order to make your city even smarter.

We accompany you from the idea through the design phase. Profit from our know-how in implementation, operation and just-in-time lean management.

City Logistics

Rapidly changing urban agglomerations assign new tasks to the authorities of cities: Ensure the supply and collection of goods, organise waste disposal as well as the resulting logistical and traffic flows. With our city logistics expertise we can help to lead your city to the future.

Take a look at our city logistics project – creating innovative logistics solutions below.

Cargo Sous Terrain

Improve competitiveness in traffic management and logistics: With this goal in mind, the relevant stakeholders from business side and public authorities have joined forces for an innovative urban logistics solutions.

With "Cargo sous terrain" the goods flow in containers along a defined underground logistics systems.

Take a more detail look at our Cargo sous Terrain project – an innovative, subsurface urban logistics solution for the Swiss Midland.

Think in 3 Dimensions

As a leader in logistics infrastructure design, Amberg has been helping different stakeholders to think logistics in three dimensions. With its diverse logistics and engineering experience, Amberg designs interfaces to combine all dimensions in Logistics. With our diverse workforce, we are able to master all challenges of your project, however complex it may be.

Amberg projects

A first for Singapore –

Underground cavern development at Gali Batu

City Logistics Zurich –

Elaborating innovative logistics solutions

Cargo Sous Terrain –

Innovative urban logistics solution for the Swiss Midland