Urbanisation is a fast-developing process worldwide. Cities, urban and suburban areas need to be well connected to guarantee a fast and reliable transportation.

If it has a track, we're on it. No matter whether it is a conventional rail track, an industrial track, a high-speed line, a metro or an urban network, Amberg realises innovative, customised solutions for rail traffic. From planning, realisation and operation to maintenance, our specialists will support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure.


Planning the expansion of your existing network? Our experts prepare the planning for all phases of your project, elaborate on the risk management and identify all important milestones for the proper evaluation of the progress and follow-up of the project. With big data and cloud-based applications, new processes and working methods such as BIM, the company is positioning itself for the future.


Rail and metro lines are complex facilities that must be built and operated without interfering with its surroundings. In urban region, it is especially important that the area crossed by tunnel construction does not display settlement, that underground metro tunnels do not interfere with building foundations and that they are compatible with underground pipelines.

We have gained our knowledge by building underground railways and metro lines worldwide and deepened it by closely co-operating with research groups and the industry. This enables us to select the right technology for your local requirements.


Once the network is in operation, we also have the knowledge and technical means– to carry out inspections and maintenance work. For value preservation, we offer periodic state assessments, strategic budgeting as well as overall planning and supervision of maintenance, refurbishments and conversions.

We offer a wide range of measurement systems and customised services for a fast, trouble-free data acquisition and monitoring of the surrounding objects of rail tracks. Our high-speed surveying systems generate 3D point cloud data for clearance analyses, track analyses and damage inspections accessible on desktop software applications as well as a cloud platform. We also help our customers with a BIM support service.


In the areas of structural monitoring and condition assessment, features are detected using the latest technical tools. Our team develops an action plan for the refurbishment and renovation of the structure based on the results. This establishes a foundation for value preservation and maintenance planning.

Tunnel inspection is even getting smarter by using artificial intelligence for a semi-automatic feature detection which allow you to increase your productivity. And with our know-how in BIM we can create a digital twin of your infrastructure. That’s how we make it future-proof.

Amberg projects


Extension of existing yellow line from Santo Ovídio Station to new terminal station at Vila d’Este in Porto, total length 3.2 km

Porto, Portugal

Brenner Base Tunnel

The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) represents a direct subsurface link between Austria and Italy. It runs from Innsbruck (Austria) to Fortezza (Italy), with a total length of 64km (incl. Innsbruck railway bypass).

Innsbruck, Austria

Gotthard Base Tunnel

The route over the Gotthard is part of the international north-south alpine transversal. The base tunnel with a length of 57 km and an overlying rock mass of up to 2‘300 m is one of the longest railway tunnels in the world enabling a train speed of Vmax of 250 km/h.

Gotthard, Switzerland

Olympic high speed line Beijing

The construction plan also feature high-speed lines - including the 114km section between Beijing and Tianjin linking a venue of the Olympic sailing competition with the Olympic metropolis Beijing.

Beijing - Tianjin, China

Subway Toronto

Toronto Subway Length approx. 100 km

Toronto, Canada

Changchun-Baicheng railway expansion and renovation project

Improved ride comfort on ballast track thanks to satellite-based positioning with IMS 1000 GNSS

Changchun – Baicheng, China