The unique infrastructure of the Hagerbach Test Gallery with its various rock formations, surfaces, installations and different aspects of building is optimal to test, exercise and present under full-scale conditions. It offers ideal conditions for testing prototypes of devices or machines. Furthermore, you can test the functionality of structural implementations like buildings, components, installations and system solutions. We work on our own developments as well as upon customers` demand and in cooperation with enterprises, associations and research institutes.

Take a glance at some of our latest projects:

Underground Green Farming

Old subway stations, bunkers or subsurface chambers are already being used to produce agricultural products. With the concept study "Underground Green Farming", SCAUT investigates the use of underground space to produce food.

The prototype was built in the Hagerbach Test Gallery. The pilot plant cultivates trout and lettuce.

Underground Data Center

High-security, high-performance computer centers for big data with optimal energy efficiency are a crucial need of today's society. Why not go underground? Together with a technology partner, Amberg is implementing an Underground Data Center in the Hagerbach Test Gallery. The Undergound Data Center will be a full-scale micro data center with six racks, cooling, power and surveillance and will act as a demonstration prototype to interested clients.

Plug-in Crosscut Element (PCE)

A simple idea will speed up the installation of crosscuts in the future: Prefabricated in the workshop, the fully functional and tested wall systems are delivered to the crosscut in the tunnel with special transport aids and adjusted with low tolerances. Installation time can be reduced to less than 90 minutes – compared to 3 days with conventional methods.

The SCAUT consortium has developed an innovative solution and built the prototype in Hagerbach.

RhB prototype of the standard tunnel construction

More than half of the tunnels on the Raetian Railway RhB's network requires repair or renovation, due to their age. With this in mind, the RhB has developed a uniform method of repair, the "standard tunnel construction", which guarantees compliance with regulated building procedures and lower costs than with previous methods, while allowing renovation work to take place with the railway in operation.

The prototype of the "standard tunnel construction" was set up and tested successfully in the Hagerbach Test Gallery.

The Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT)

SCAUT is an international leader in the use of the underground. With its state-of-the-art engineering, innovative concepts and advanced ITC, it contributes significantly to the creation of underground spaces of the future and to the relief of metropolitan areas and conurbations.