The Vereina Tunnel (19 km), the world longest narrow-gauge rail tunnel with, the Gotthard Base Tunnel (57 km), currently the longest railway tunnel in the world, the Brenner Base Tunnel, which will be the longest railway tunnel when completed (64 km) - these are our landmark projects which we are very proud of But the Amberg portfolio also includes shaft infrastructures for hydroelectric projects in Europe, Asia and South America as well as complex structures such as underground caverns.

Our goal is to make your project a success, whether it is a road tunnel, a railway tunnel, a metro system or a cavern. In fact, our expertise embraces almost every kind of surface or subsurface infrastructure.

Check out our services we can offer you over the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure:


Our experts prepare the planning for all phases of your project. In the design stage we operate with the latest working methods such as BIM to create 3D models, work in flexible teams in order to support you with a tailor-made risk analysis and project management.

Our specialists for ventilation and safety conceive, plan, design the project and take care of measures for ventilation and safety systems in tunnels and other subsurface installations – from the preliminary study to the operating phase. Simulations and risk analyses enable the development of solutions which suit the circumstances of the structure the best.


The construction of new underground structures poses great challenges. Yet support from our experts makes projects of this nature succeed. They lead the planning process, the revision, quality checking of design and advise investors their immense engineering expertise. Furthermore, they model and develop geomechanical calculations, perform static analysis and monitor the stability. With their many years of experience, our team handles projects from the feasibility study to the project implementation and on to supervision of the construction.

Our range of services does not stop there. Test, develop and certify your prototype or new product in our subsurface test gallery in Flums, only 45 minutes away from Zurich.

Amberg moreover develops and implements solutions for logistics in urban areas and for smart cities. We optimize transportation and processes, complex construction sites and manage the logistics of infrastructure construction and mobility projects.


During the operation phase, we make sure that that everything runs safe. With geotechnical measurements, we are able to monitor construction sites as well as neighbouring buildings.

For value preservation, we offer periodic state assessments, strategic budgeting as well as overall planning and supervision of maintenance, refurbishments and conversions. Furthermore, we have developed a cloud-based platform which uses artificial intelligence for semi-automatic feature detection. Inspection data is processed in the new Amberg Inspection Cloud with the long-term aim of creating a digital twin of the inspected tunnel which will help to keep an overview of the state of all your buildings.


In the areas of structural monitoring and condition assessment, features are detected using the latest technical tools. Our team develops an action plan for the refurbishment and renovation of the structure based on the results. This establishes a foundation for value preservation and maintenance planning. They will outline the work that needs to be carried out, the time frame and the appropriate budget. As the client, you are able to plan maintenance for the long-term.

Tunnel inspection is even getting smarter by using artificial intelligence for a semi-automatic feature detection which allow you to increase your productivity. We ensure that your structure is future-proof.

Contact us to get make the most of your infrastructure project.

Amberg projects

Gotthard Base Tunnel

The route over the Gotthard is part of the international north-south alpine transversal. The base tunnel with a length of 57 km and an overlying rock mass of up to 2‘300 m is one of the longest railway tunnels in the world enabling a train speed of Vmax of 250 km/h.

Gotthard, Switzerland

Brenner Base Tunnel

The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) represents a direct subsurface link between Austria and Italy. It runs from Innsbruck (Austria) to Fortezza (Italy), with a total length of 64km (incl. Innsbruck railway bypass).

Innsbruck, Austria

Northern ring road Zürich

The Swiss highway A1 connecting Bern and Zürich is characterized by traffic volumes in the range of 120’000 vehicles per day and daily congestion.

Zurich, Switzerland

Crossrail London

The Crossrail project is the largest infrastructure project in Europe currently. The aim of the project is to create a new one Railway line from the west of London (Reading / Heathrow) to the east (Shenfield / Abbey Wood)

London, United Kingdom

Follo line

The Follo Line is a 22.5 km long tunnel in Norway, which will connect Oslo with the city of Ski. It will be the longest rail tunnel in the Nordic countries.

Oslo, Norway

Rastatt tunnel

The Rastatt Tunnel is a railway tunnel that is currently under construction on the Karlsruhe -Basel high-speed railway under Rastatt in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Construction began in 2013 and it is expected to open in 2022. The line will be used by long-distance passenger services and freight.

Rastatt, Germany